We help you to meet your online goals by writing scalable, performant and robust Drupal code.

Who are Silver Drum?

I'm Iain.

I have been a professional software developer since 1998, however I have been coding since I got my first computer at 8 years old.

Silver Drum is my Drupal consultancy based in London, UK.

Worried you're losing money because you can't develop your website quickly enough?

The online world is moving at an amazing pace, and there's incredible pressure to not only develop software quickly, but also ensure that it works.

You can't hit deadlines without experienced developers in your corner, and if you don't hit deadlines, your business falls behind.

If your website isn't ready, you're missing out.

We recognise the business value in working software, but it's no good if that software never reaches your customers.

We work in an iterative way which prioritises early release of the high business value parts of the software, so that our clients start to feel the benefits of investment earlier.

Frustrated that your website can't keep pace with your growing business?

We're often hired to redevelop websites that simply aren't robust enough to cope with increasing business demands. Many of our clients come to us because they're losing revenue due to brittle websites that simply can't cope with the demands of their business.

They tell us that users are frustrated and they're losing them because of it.

Those customers can be hard to win back.

We've worked on some of the largest Drupal websites in the UK. We know how to make websites that work, and that keep working.

We know what good code looks like and what it takes to write it.

Scared that you're losing mobile users?

"Our website looks great on my computer, but terrible on my mobile!"

Mobile devices are prolific and you're missing out on a huge audience if you don't cater for mobile users.

Building a website is one thing, but making sure it looks good on mobile devices involves extra effort and care.

We build websites that are 'mobile first', meaning you can engage with your mobile users in a much more considered way.

Annoyed that you can't make the most of your website?

Many businesses are not reaching their potential because they simply don't know how to take advantage of the data that their website generates.

Where are your customers coming from? What percentage of users are on mobile devices? Which products are popular?

At what point do users become buyers? Or why are they leaving the site without buying?

Your online sales can improve dramatically when you embrace the data that your website can give.

We've helped businesses to harness this data, and in many cases, blown pre-existing assumptions about customers out of the water.


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